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Udext has been a lifesaver for our team. We used to have a lot of wasted time and frustration over miscommunication, but now everyone stays on track; no more "I didn't hear it" or "No one told me to do it"

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Joseph W.
Operations Manager at
Construction Company

We've tried numerous employee apps and messaging solutions but always had a hard time with employee adoption. With Udext, there was no learning curve or adoption issues. Our frontline employees are no longer wasting time calling the office or waiting for us to respond via email. Everyone has quick and easy access to information they need.

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Richard D.
Plant Coordinator at Manufacturing Company

Inline translation is a game-changing feature that allowed us to break the language barrier. Since we began using Udext, our employee engagement has significantly increased with attrition decreasing.

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Mary L.
HR Manager at
Logistics Company

Udext is a very easy to use and intuitive solution that allows our team to run our day-to-day operations. Ability to schedule all communications ahead of time has been transformational for us.

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Rachel C.
Owner at
Cleaning Service Company
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